TAIANA towards the Circular Economy

Tessitura Taiana Virgilio and Juliene Quaglio at the Milan Fashion Week for ethical and circular fashion

At the Milan Fashion Week, Tessitura Taiana Virgilio and young Brazilian designer Juliene Quaglio will be presenting an innovative project on sustainability and circularity in textiles and clothing.

Once again, the Como-based company is collaborating with the most talented new designers to investigate and find new creative and expressive languages.

In the false selvedges discarded by the looms, Juliene Quaglio from NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) perceived "an appealing urge", the moan of a new life, the urgency of impossible possibilities. Thanks to these fragments of fabric she has created a “manifesto” collection, the preface to a new story that is meant to give life to waste. Exclusion and inclusion, rejection and acceptance, a parable that leads to the rebirth of what was already doomed and later became ripe for redemption and celebration.

An innovative project that calls us to reconsider the now imperative meaning of ethical fashion. The creative vision behind the collection perfectly fits Tessitura Taiana Virgilio's commitment to seeking solutions capable of translating linear processes into circular ones.

The idea of re-using is one of the three pillars of Tessitura Taiana Virgilio's corporate sustainability. The ‘RRR’ project - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - officially launched in 2016 with the ISO 14001:2015 certification places Ethics first indeed while addressing that very same commitment that has been inspiring the company since 1933.

Juliene Quaglio will be the protagonist of the Milano Moda Graduate fashion show, which will be broadcast live on the Instagram channel of Camera Moda on Sunday, September 26th, starting at 4 pm.