Our Production

Weaving is the central moment of the entire production process. It occurs in harmony with careful planning and business organisation which, amongst other things, involves an advanced computerised system which responds in real time to the situation in terms of the stock of yarns, the availability of colours and the technical procurement times.

Sophisticated technology supports the real production cycle by way of electronic looms and equipment capable of controlling and maintaining the quality standard and the characteristics of the fabric during the weaving phase.


The quality of Taiana fabrics

Quality is synonymous with value. It represents the end result. This word measures the soul and prestige of every company.
We believe it is essential to continue to pursue increasingly high quality levels in order to achieve the uniqueness of the TAIANA fabric and, as a result, to contribute to the success of the end user.

But quality also involves continuous attention to every single customer.

Using our sampling service, in fact, it is possible to meet the requirement for any type of design, structure and colour, quickly and with great effect, customising, every time, the fabric requested.
Since 1997, TAIANA’s company methodologies have been certified QUALITY & ENVIRONMENT ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 by SQS (Swiss Quality Systems).



Giving solutions to customers is our aim. In order to do this, it is essential to offer the opportunity to choose, from multiple solutions, the one that is ideal for the customer. In order to satisfy these real requirements, it is necessary to use technology that is extremely advanced and diversified, which can create innovative, unprecedented and fascinating solutions.
The use of such advanced production machines allows us to offer to the customer solutions that, for many others, will only be available in the future.

The heart of the research and development has been called Kinetech® LAB. Over the course of recent years, it has put into place significant technological innovations and produced: from the LOT'O'DRY™ technology to the subsequent evolution LOT'O'DRY™ Phantom Print and EOLA, the scented fabric, to name just a few.

Among the latest product innovation there are Allure™, a fabric capable of having an active interaction with the cutaneous microcirculation, and Kinetech GUARD™, a bi-stretch ergogenic fabric highly protective thanks to the use of the Dyneema® fiber.

In Agust 2015 TAIANA won an Eurobike Award 2015 with its product Kinetech GUARD™


Take the tradition, culture and human values accumulated over the course of 80 years of work.
On this basis, constantly add, every day, from the smallest to the largest contributions of innovation, not only on a technological basis but also of knowledge, ability and skill and, in the end, you will have a true representation of the company TAIANA in terms of research.

The idea of the fabric, along with its stylistic and technological content, are therefore elements resulting from this very special combination, which has always been implemented by TAIANA.